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Some of Our Services Include

Data Recovery

Virus and Adware Removal

Remote Support

Mac Repair

And Much More

WordPress Sites

Small Business Services

Need a quick fix? Have questions on how to maximize your current systems or looking to update? Computer Doctor can help.

Laptop Screen Replacements

Computer Doctor will repair your Mac or PC screen, offering the fastest turn-around time in the area. Call now!


The Computer Doctor offers the highest level of diagnostic and repair services to the greater Bangor, Maine area. Having a problem with your MacBook Pro, an accidental spill, broken screen, how about excessive heat or maybe an upgrade to the newest macOS? No problem.

Is your PC laptop infected with a virus?  Has it started slowing down or crashed? Do you need a backup plan or data recovery? How about transferring your files to a new computer? The Computer Doctor makes house calls by appointment or virtual house calls via our hardware based SSL encrypted remote access server.

For fastest service stop by our convenient location at 60 Main Road North, in downtown Hampden, Maine.  We proudly share our building with Pizza Gourmet and other businesses in the Hannibal Hamlin plaza.

For a fast, cost effective solution that is close to home, stop by and meet the Computer Doctor staff, call 862-7019 now.

  • Professional Data Recovery

    Whether you simply need data moved from one location to another, or you have a “dead” hard drive, all hope is not lost!  Before giving up, give us a chance.

  • Virus and Malware Removal

    A serious virus requires a serious treatment plan.  By the time you notice performance issues related to virus and spyware infections the damage is done.

  • Secure, Remote Support

    Did you know that a lot or software issues can be fixed without ever leaving your house?  Yes, it is true!

Antivirus Program Update

Given the changes in virus infections and security attacks, like the CryptoLocker ransomware, the Computer Doctor no longer recommends free antivirus products for protecting your systems

Antivirus Products

FreshStart Service Provider

Is your computer filled with viruses and malware?  Have you had it fixed before but it still just isn’t working right?  If so, the a FreshStart may be just what you need.  If you can you say “yes” to these key questions, then a FreshStart may be what your computer needs:

  • Is your computer younger than 10 years old?
  • Does it run a version of Windows – Vista/7/8?
  • Is it able to power on?
  • Do you have a license key for Windows?* (call for more info on where to find your key)



Apple Products

Have a MacBook or MacBook Pro needing repair? Has it stopped booting, making odd noises or perhaps a broken screen? iMac’s are amazing machines but are rather complex to service. MacBook Pro’s are the pinnacle of design and function, but the sleek lines and uni-body construction can be daunting to repair. Computer Doctor is now offering iPad and iPod Touch repairs. Call 207.862.7019 for details.

If you find yourself outside of the Apple care warranty period or have an Apple that has been damaged in a way that is not covered, Computer Doctor of Hampden can help.

Besides providing Mac repair, the Computer Doctor also provides a range of upgrade services as well.  Upgrade your RAM and hard disk and move to macOS Sierra today!

CryptoLocker is Back!

The CryptoLocker Ransomware also known as Cryptowall and CryptoDefense is here to stay.  Current anti-virus programs cannot stop it.  You can prevent it from taking hold however.  The Computer Doctor is proud to offer a front line defense system against this new malware menace.

Every week we see customers who have lost all their data, from holiday pictures to business documents and spreadsheets these malicious programs work in the background until all your files are encrypted before you even know it started.

In this case, an ounce of prevention can save your data, precious memories, business and financial files and more. We design and implement a tiered protection plan according to your  need and risk level. Computer security that starts with notification and protection and encompasses  all points and identifies your need for data backup and even remote monitoring.

To learn more and purchase our custom software package as a first line defense from this nasty ransomeware, head over to the Crypto Innoculation page.


Proud to Partner with Breton IT Solutions 


The Computer Doctor of Hampden is proud to announce that it has partnered with Breton IT Solutions to provide a wide-range of web design services.

Steve Rock, at Breton IT, utilizes the WordPress platform to create new sites as well as give old sites a much needed revamp.  Did you pay for a WordPress site and now have no idea what to do with it because there’s no support?  Steve can handle that as well.

Get in touch with Steve ( or 207.570.1711 to find out how he can help you with your web needs.

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