Tablet Talk

Phone screen to small to meet all your needs? Laptop or netbook to bulky to carry? You may be ready to delve into the latest tech rage of tablet computing…

Apple had been rumored to be developing a tablet device since the days of its Newton line of PDA’s. With the release of the iPad it has started a juggernaut of tablet development. Much more than a Nook or Kindle, the tablet device has great potential for those who would benefit from what it does well and whose form factor fits in with their lifestyle. Small, light and dazzling, navigating pages effortlessly with a casual flip of the wrist, tablets must be experienced first hand to really get an appreciation for how they work and what they do. Pinching, zooming, auto screen rotation, multitouch features, while there is a lot of hype, there is just as much function and convenience if you need and will use it.

Sure the uber geek factor is tremendous, pulling out a tablet device in any social or business situation will always generate attention, but its when you start harnessing its power and not just checking Facebook that the devices truly begin to shine.

Tune in next week as we talk more about tablet devices and the “apps” that live on them.