iPad, not for everyone, but for many it is just what they want and more.

As a technology tech, I receive many inquires about every conceivable gadget from folks with all levels of technical expertise. I am an iPad owner and a Mac user, but I also have my share of PC’s and android devices, so I try to give recommendations on experience and not solely on brand preference.

The iPad is a great device, the biggest flaws I have found is the lack of flash and limited printer support. Where apple shines is the GUI or graphical user interface. It is polished and well thought out and rather intuitive. The touch experience is implemented with precision and with each new ios release becomes more functional and feels  very natural to use.

The touch interface is in my opinion a major leap forward in how we interact with our data. We will see in the next decade a change in how we input our information. Speech recognition and touch will continue to grow, not that the mouse and keyboard will disappear any time soon, but as we develop a level of comfort with the new interfaces, more advances will lead us to a new user experience.

Will we find ourselves screaming at our future devices and using gestures that may not be acceptable in polite company, you bet. I am sure we will be looking back in 10 years at the iPad with as much nostalgia as we remember the palm pilot of 10 years ago. You do remember the palm pilot?