FBI Virus Bangor Maine and everywhere, scary scam making millions!

This is a scam that won’t quit. It looks real enough and has some people opening their wallets and checking with the police. At Computer Doctor of Hampden we deal with computer virus infections everyday. The FBI Virus or Moneypack Virus is another example of ransomeware, typically ransomeware is disguised as a fake antivirus program, this rotten piece of code would start a fake scan saying that you had numerous virus infections and for a fee this program would activate and remove the infections. This scanner was itself the infection and not only would they take your payment, your credit card number would be stolen and a nightmare of trying to stop false charges would begin.

The FBI Virus claims that they have been monitoring your moves on the internet and you have downloaded illegal files and your computer has been locked. If you don’t pay, your computer will stay frozen and legal proceeding will be brought against you. They make in look convincing, some even pop open your webcam to snap a picture.

As you guessed this is also a scam, the virus itself continues to morph and take on characteristics of a rootkit infection. Nasty stuff… If you need help feel free to contact us @207-862-7019 we know how to get this off your system and will evaluate your security and tune up your computer at the same time.