Windows 8 is it an upgrade option for you?

Latest or Greatest, the choice is yours?

Latest or Greatest, the choice is yours?

We have begun to see more Windows 8 devices come in for repair. A common question we are asked is if we can make Windows 8 act more like Windows 7. Windows 8 is starting to grow on me, like a barnacle I admit, but it does have its place. The problem is the place it belongs is on a touch enabled device. Yes, device I think is the right word, desktop and laptop are too limiting as we are in the new world of cross platform computing, be it phone, tablet, netbook, convertible laptop or all in one desktop, the choices are growing and Windows wants to be the defacto standard operating system for them all.

Our advice as far as upgrading has been to root out the reason behind the request first, then asses the hardware they currently have and then recommend a path that makes the most sense.

If your machine came from the factory with Windows XP and it was not a downgrade from Win 7 or Vista I really wouldn’t waste my time, processing power, graphics memory and driver issues make this a lost cause. Additionally XP is a little less then a year away from support ending, you are on borrowed time!

Windows Vista, the bastard stepchild of the Windows world can go either way, some of the early, low end Vista computers will have similar issues as XP under powered and lack of driver support for the hardware. This situation I advise to look at on a case by case basis.

Windows 7 will is the easiest and most straight forward upgrade path, there should be little issue with drive compatibility and most Windows 7 machines should be able to run Windows 8 without much fuss.

My personal views are if you don’t need a new machine presently and you do not have a touch enabled device, stick with Windows 7 the rumors are already starting for a 2014 Windows 9, if the trend continues Windows 9 will be a more stable mature platform and will be introduced on hardware that will more than likely integrate touch functionality more completely.

Want to check your hardware and software for compatibility? The Windows 8 upgrade advisor can be found here.

If you have Windows 8 and desperately miss the traditional Windows 7 desktop and start button feel, let us know we have a way to bring back the look and feel of Windows 7 while still keeping the live tile and  Apps of Windows 8.  Questions? Computer Doctor of Hampden