Windows 8.1 update coming June 2013

Windows 8 is reaching a milestone with it’s first major update, while so far it has not been referred to as a “Service Pack”  it appears that Microsoft may be going back to a different naming convention, last time I heard a .1 edition was Windows for Work groups and Windows 3.11. The video below shows some nice user interface enhancements, tweaks and basic navigational adjustments to make the new Metro interface more easy to navigate and the option to boot to the desktop! When demonstrated on the surface, Windows 8 is very fluid, gentle swipes easily bring forth elegantly designed full screen apps. The problem remains that how many people use Windows 8 on a touch enabled device? I think 10% would be pushing it. Grab a mouse and keyboard and the Windows 8 experience is cumbersome at best. Laptops are a little bit better if you can use your small touch pad for swiping. The next generation of PC’s and laptops will showcase the functionality of Window 8 or possibly Windows 9, by then touch enabled desktops and laptops will be readily available.

If you lo0k closely @ the 2:14 mark in the video you will see a start button on the desktop! Not sure whether this is going to be added in, but if the Microsoft demo surface is running one it shows that this glaring PITA omission from Windows 8 may be rectified. If you are looking for the proven stability of Windows 7, we have been ordering custom configured Lenovo Thinkpad laptops at very competitive prices. Call or email for more details.