overheating laptop

Summer is in full force as I write this. Even in Bangor Maine temperatures have been in the high 90’s. Just as we need to keep ourselves cool in this heat, our electronics need to be protected from the heat also. Laptops run hot enough as it is, as prices have dropped so have the quality of the components. Please check out this great post from Lifehacker that goes into more specifics on how to keep your laptop cools and prevent heat related failures.

Key thinks to remember:

  • Keep your laptop out of the direct sun (especially when using them or transporting them in vehicles)
  • Try to use your laptop on a hard flat surface to help with airflow.
  • Do not block cooling fan inlet or outlet.
  • Let you laptop cool down before using it if it has been in a hot car for a few hours.
  • Shut down your wifi/bluetooth if not needed to decrease heat.

Common heat related symptoms:

  • Slow startup and shutdowns.
  • Poor battery life.
  • Bulging battery.
  • Abrupt total shut downs.

Please keep your data backed up to another device, a USB drive or online storage like google drive or drop box are cheap insurance! Enjoy the heat!