Norton when it was good.

Antivirus expired playing with fire

The last thing most people think about when they unpack there shiny new Windows’s computer is… “Man, I really need to get a great security package on this computer before I start using it on the internet”. The fact is most people fly through all the initial prompts during setup and end up agreeing to everything in a mad dash to the desktop, and yes there really is a desktop in Windows 8!

I mention antivirus software because we have been seeing a recent trend of Windows 8 viral infections. While the actual virus that cripples the machine varies in each case, the one unifying thread is the fact that their Norton Antivirus 30 day trial had expired within the last 7 day.

One problem with the bundled antivirus is that it will disable the native (poorly rated) Windows Defender. That leaves folks wide open for malware infections.

If you are plagued with pop ups, stymied by internet searches brining lousy results and being redirected to the last places you want to be, chances are you may have a malware problem.  Many times Computer Doctor can remotely connect to your computer clean the infection, optimize and tweak the performance of the computer, clean out the garbage software, fix the issues with your web browsers and install a new antivirus solution without the computer ever leaving your home or office.