Windows 8 Makeover

Find yourself with a new Window 8 or 8.1 computer and wish you could take a chainsaw to it?

win81sickofitAre you tired of living in the land of apps when all you really want is a desktop?

Isn’t it great to have a touch screen designed interface on a device sold without a touch screen!

Do you just wish they left well enough alone and you could hop back to an experience you are familiar with?



Windows 8/8.1 optimization and tweaking package promo.


Computer Doctor of Hampden is offering a special package which will optimize the performance of your computer and return your desktop to its rightful place, and give you a real start button! Don’t worry your Apps will still be around just not in your face as much. While we have your system in the shop we will do a free hardware check and have a look at your security software.

Windows 8 tweaked.

Windows 8 tweaked.