Easy Tips to Prevent Viruses

Viruses and malware take advantage of any gaps in security your computer might have. The Computer Doctor of Hampden has years of experience in getting rid of viruses; and although he doesn’t have a prescription pad for your computer’s virus, he does have some tips to prevent it from getting infected.


Keep your Installed Programs Updated

livewoflash_primary-100028089-largeViruses and malware can slip right past antivirus programs and infect computers via outdated and unsecure programs you already have installed. Java and Adobe Flash and Reader are programs that have been known to lack security features. If you don’t use some of the programs you have installed on your computer, then uninstalling them will minimize the safety threat. However, we are not encouraging you to get rid of the programs you use, we are just advising you to update all your programs frequently.

SecuniaTo make sure your programs are always updated, Secunia Personal Software Inspector will automatically update unsecure programs to maintain protection for free, as well as limit the countless pop-ups and notifications of the new updates.


Be Careful with the Programs you InstallIs-Network-Marketing-A-Scam_4569661_thumb

Viruses disguise behind programs and applications you think are safe so you install or run them. These are the most common ways to contract viruses, but can be easily prevented by being especially careful and using common sense.

These are the easiest ways to avoid unknowingly installing viruses:

  1. Never open emails from unknown senders, especially messages with intriguing subjects!
  2. Avoid visiting unsafe websites. Websites that begin with https:// and the lock icon are secure. Otherwise, get off of that site quickly!img-ssl
  3. Use strong passwords and have a few different passwords for different websites.
  4. NEVER provide sensitive information by email, even if you think you know the recipient. If your bank is asking for your account or personal details via email, give them a ring just to make sure it’s actually them.


windows-logo-bandaidKeep your Operating System Updated

Just like viruses and malware use outdated and unsecure programs to infect your computer, they can use your operating system security vulnerabilities. Make sure you have the latest security patches and Service Packs installed to prevent viruses from getting into your system.


Use and Update your Antivirus Software

At the Computer Doctor, we highly recommend Avast Pro Antivirus. If you have brought your avast-internet-security-2013-version-8-0-1482serial-3computer in with a virus, it is very likely we have already installed Avast on your computer! Avast has automatic software updates similar to Secunia, and scans your network for security threats to help prevent attacks to your router and network, and therefore, your computer. It has maximum financial security for banking and paying bills as well, and we have found it to be the most effective protection for your computer.



securityillusionmacIf your computer has a virus, we will gladly take in any infected computers or laptops and try our best to make it healthy again. He is the Computer Doctor for a reason!

If you bring in your device to the Computer Doctor before November 16 and mention this article, you will receive $5 off any service or 10% off a virus removal with tune up!

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