Apple Products: Black Friday vs Cyber Monday


With a couple days still to go until one of the biggest shopping days of the year, a mixture of leaks and early announcements have revealed the best product deals at some of the biggest retail chains!


DealNews performed a study from Black Friday Season 2014 to help you score the best deals for anything you are looking to buy!


Because of the Blue law in Maine, almost all businesses must be closed on Thanksgiving Day, particularly the big department stores.

This means that the DealNews Editors’ Choices that vote in favor of deals on Thanksgiving Day won’t apply to us Mainers.


As of now, not very many sales have been advertised for Cyber Monday. But as a general rule, Cyber Monday is a tech-holiday for tech-minded people.


Fortunately, Amazon has announced some of its deals for Cyber Monday. The announced deals are primarily Amazon-exclusive products, such as various Kindle models and a year of the Amazon Cloud Drive storage.

The official Amazon Cyber Monday Deals hub has some limited-time offers that are going on right now which is definitely something to check out if you’re hunting for the best deal on a specific product!


A lot of deals on Cyber Monday will already have a certain percentage taken off of the full retail price, but I have found that most websites will also accept additional coupon codes for you to get an even better deal.

Here are some Apple coupon codes to redeem on the Apple store website, while RetailMeNot is my personal favorite website for finding more coupon codes to redeem on nearly any retail website.


To get the best deal for Apple products, try not to purchase them directly from the Apple Store, even if you use a coupon code. Purchasing from a department store will actually save you an average of $36 on any given iPad on any given day– not even including Black Friday or Cyber Monday! The same can be said for other Apple products as well, but this site has presented the savings data for iPads as of April 2015.


There are a few ways you can get the best deal for the Apple product you are looking to buy, and that usually means taking the time to research when and where you need to be to get it! Here is a basic breakdown of Apple deals this coming Friday.


Best Deals for iPads this Black Friday 2015:

iPad Air 2: The 16 GB is $399 at Best Buy and Walmart or $374 at Staples.1413499418-iPadAir2-iPadMini3-Lockscreen-PRINT

The 64 GB is $499 at Best Buy or $449 at Staples.

If either size is bought at Target, you will receive a $150 gift card with the full purchase price.


iPad Air: At Staples, the 16 GB is $319 and the 32 GB is $359.

If either size is bought at Target, you will receive a $100 gift card with the full purchase price.


iPad Mini 4: The 16 GB is $299 at Staples. At Best Buy, the 64 GB is $399 and the 128 GB is $499.

If any size is bought at Target, you will receive a $100 gift card with the full purchase price.


iPad Mini 2: The 16 GB is $239 at Staples or $199 at Walmart. If bought at Target, you will receive an $80 gift card with the full purchase price.


Best Deals for Apple Watches this Black Friday 2015:

Best Buy claims you can save up to $100 on Apple Watches, with the regular price $349-$699.Apple_Watch_faces

Target will give you a $100 gift card with any Apple Watch purchase.


Best Deals for iPhones this Black Friday 2015:

At Target, you will receive a $250 gift card with $0 down for an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus installment plan. iphone_6s_roundup

Or, for those that are eligible for 2 year contracts with Verizon or Sprint, you get $50 off the 16 GB iPhone 6s or 6s Plus (now $150 and $250 respectively).

At Walmart, you get $100 off any iPhone as well as a $100 Black Friday Gift Card.


Apple Macbook and iMac deals are a bit harder to come by. Best Buy’s Black Friday ad claims you can save $200 on a brand-new Macbook Pro or an iMac, making them $900 each. However, to get an even better deal on an iMac, stop by the Computer Doctor at 50 Main Rd N in Hampden to check out our $650 21-inch iMac.

Our technician refurbished iMac in the store has similar specifications to the advertised Best Buy one– with 1 huge exception: our iMac has a blazing fast Solid State Hard Drive. In addition to the obvious computer speed difference, our iMac will also have a full 6-month warranty following the purchase and you can expect nothing but the best technical support from the Computer Doctor for the entire computer’s lifetime.


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