Broken Laptop Screen? We’ll Pick Up the Pieces!

Imagine this:

You’re scrolling your Facebook feed and checking your email when you remember you left those cookies in the oven! You set your laptop down on the couch and run to the kitchen. Your trusty golden retriever follows you everywhere, so when you run off the couch, he follows! But his excitement moves your laptop just enough to slide off of the couch and land sideways on your hardwood floor.


It isn’t until you go back into the living room to gingerly inspect your laptop for damage. You open it up and see the devastation that has occurred– the display has lines everywhere in all different colors and keeps flickering, not to mention the crack that is spreading across the screen.

Does this sound similar to a situation you’ve been in? We understand how hard it is to look at your beloved laptop and see a shattered screen or a rainbow of colors that shouldn’t be there.

The Computer Doctor can help you! There are two highly skilled technicians in the shop that will remove the broken screenn right now and install a brand new one for you. The parts we use are the highest quality; this means your new screen won’t be flimsy and easy to break. It will be the same quality as the screen you received with your laptop originally or higher!

replace_laptop_screen_009_610x404We often find ourselves fixing the mistakes of others.  Many repair shops don’t have technicians that have the experience and training we have, so they are fixing devices without the skills required to do a competent repair. What ends up happening is that those devices develop problems after the repair, and often the screens they install can be of inferior quality and can easily crack. I don’t think there is anyone that would want that to happen after just getting their laptop

At the Computer Doctor, we specialize in all types of computer repairs. Computer Doctor is a full service repair center; we repair hardware and software ailments on all brands of PC’s as well as the full range of Apple products, from iMac’s to iPod’s. We have you covered!



We are located at 50 Main Road North in Hampden, Maine; across the street from the Circle K in the same building as Rivertown Family Eye Care. You can also call us anytime at (207) 862-7019.

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