Complete PC Peace of Mind

Is your personal information and data worth the best protection and security services available? Of course it is! Computer Doctor is proud to now offer remote support, asset reporting, and system monitoring for residences in the Greater Bangor area. These services encompass more than just anti-virus— it is full system protection!


Computer Doctor’s managed security services program is comprised of intrusion prevention, proactive detection, and behavioral analysis. Deployment and updating of software is centralized to ensure coverage and consistency. Additionally we can offer web filtering and both onsite and cloud based fully managed backup. A wide range of detailed reports can be provided  so you can feel confident in our efforts to support you.


But, what is the real difference between stand-alone anti-virus software and Computer Doctor’s residential managed services?Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.32.54 PM


computer security (blue-white cubes crossword series)Stand-alone anti-virus software simply focuses on anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware; all of which are important to your PC’s security but your computer actually needs more security than what is traditionally offered. Computer Doctor’s Managed Anti-Virus Services has everything your PC needs; it includes what standard anti-virus software offers, plus much more! You can receive a monthly status and threat report based off the issues our network operations center has detected. Your computer also will run scheduled virus scans, and we offer both Windows and third party software patch management. We take the guesswork out of what to click and get rid of the nagging reminders for constant updates.


remote A major advantage to Computer Doctor’s Managed Services is the extra support you would receive by enrolling in this program. You have the option of unlimited remote support sessions for any unlikely issues your computer might encounter— from the comfort of your own home! Many computer issues can be repaired quickly and easily through a remote support session with the Computer Doctor.


computer-health-laptop-repair-software-hardware-ec-17536982What is the cherry on top of Computer Doctor’s Managed Services? Device health monitoring. The health of your computer is monitored and reported for any potential issues and if there is a problem, both you and the Computer Doctor are alerted. Problems like hard drive failure, viruses, and anti-virus expiration, printing, windows services, and blue screen issues can all be addressed quickly and efficiently. Your computer repair will be our top priority with a fast turn-around time.


Computer Doctor’s Managed Services provides you with complete PC peace of mind.  Security, software, and hardware issues will be monitored and reported to both you and to the Computer Doctor. With that knowledge, you can bring your computer in to the shop to receive a quick and cost effective repair. We offer a plan that includes unlimited support and repair; if your situation qualifies for this beneficial program, Computer Doctor becomes your personal IT department!  Monitoring occurs 24/7, and you can have peace of mind knowing that our systems are on the job.


This is a brand new service that only Computer Doctor can provide in the Bangor area. You will not find this convenience at any other shop around, and we are proud to offer it to residential users. Do you know of a small or home based office that could benefit from these services? As part of our initial launch of these comprehensive services we are offering 25 discounted custom packages. We can design the perfect amount of support for your family or small business in a very cost effective package. If you have any questions or would like to enroll in this innovative program, please give us a call at 862-7019 or stop in the shop at 50 Main Road North in Hampden!