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Massive Ransomware attack hitting computer systems in Maine

We have confirmed that a serious virulent ransomware threat known as WannaCrypt0r/WannaCry has affected Windows computers on shared networks in at least 74 countries worldwide, with 57,000 reported individual cases being affected. And according to the analysis team at Kaspersky Lab, that number is growing fast. Here in Hampden Maine, we have identified two cases […]

Fake news, too bad to be true

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have recently been accused of promoting fake news stories. Depending on your sources and who you believe, fake news played a role in the 2016 presidential election. However, fake news is misused in a number of ways: Propaganda, trying to influence opinion like RT.COM Direct attacks on a political opponent Stock […]

Phishing Scams are always in Season

7 essential tips to beat phishing scams   Don’t get caught on the net   Phishing scams are among the most prevalent forms of cybercrime, especially in the US. Although phishing is widespread, it is beatable. Apart from ensuring you install security software, the best way to combat scams is to learn what phishing looks […]

Are You Ready for the iPhone 6?

The world of the iPhone is about to get even larger with the introduction of the iPhone 6. Apple is reportedly going to have two different iPhone models this coming September. One of the models will sport a 4.7″ screen, which is an increase of almost an inch from the current iPhone 5C and 5S. […]