Your Data Needs Saving If…

  • Deleted Key Files

    Oops, you were cleaning out your system files and you accidentally deleted important files needed for the computer to boot.

  • Formatted the Drive

    It actually does happen.  You attempt to format your new expansion drive, but make a mistake and end up formatting your boot drive.  Yikes.

  • Power Surge

    Computer components hate power surges – and hard drives really don’t like them.  A surge can cause physical damage to a drive, but all hope is not lost.

  • Hard Drive is Clicking

    If your hard drive is making clicking noises, then it is a big problem.  Best solution is to power down the system and get professional help quickly.  The longer you keep the drive powered on, the more physical damage is done to the drive platters.

  • Hard Drive Spins Up

    If your drive spins up but you cannot access it, then the drive is dying – usually from old age.  Data can be salvaged off of these drives as well.

Save My Files!

Data recovery can be as simple as transferring pictures and music to a new computer or as extensive as recovering files from a hard drive that has crashed.  We use specialized recovery hardware and software for data recovery, and are partnered with three of the leading data recovery companies in the country.

At the Computer Doctor, your data is our prime concern.

Uniquely Your Data

Every data recovery process is unique. We explain the process, prioritize the data recovery files, evaluate hardware condition and give you options and estimates of cost for each step of the recovery. We specialize in Windows and Mac internal and external hard drives and advanced RAID recovery techniques.

Get your data back with Computer Doctor!