We pay a premium price for our beloved Mac’s and we know they are well worth it. That premium price makes it more cost effective to repair than replace Mac’s more often than not. From data recovery, hard drive and screen replacement, power issues, optical drive troubles to liquid spill damage we offer a cost effective solution to get your Mac back in top condition. Looking to upgrade to the latest version of OSX Mavericks? Have computer doctor back up your system, test and upgrade your hardware for a smooth transition.

Hardware upgrades: Speed up your Mac with a memory upgrades.  Upgrade your Mac Pro, Mac Mini, i-Mac, Macbook Air or Macbook/Pro to make the most of your software. Run multiple applications without a hiccup.

  • 1GB > 2GB
  • 2GB > 4GB
  • 4GB > 8GB

Mac Pro 8+ GB

Increase your hard drive size and speed: Boost your hard drive speed from the standard 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm for faster boot times and application opening.

  • For maximum speed jump up to an SSD drive.
  • We offer 250 GB, 320 GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB drive updates for portable Mac’s and Mini’s.
  • For Serial ATA based iMac’s and Mac Pro’s we offer drives up to 3 TB for maximum media storage.
  • Fast turn around time for all hardware upgrades.

Optical Drive Upgrade:  Replace your combo drive with a super drive to burn discs to all formats. The new super drives allow the use of Dual Layer DVD discs to double the capacity.